VPN Services

Finding a good service is a real challenge. There are many VPN services out there that are scams designed to steal your data.

You will need to find a service that costs money if you want a quality product.

What a VPN can do for you:

  • Perfect for providing security on a public wi-fi at coffee shops, airports and hotels
  • One of many tools to prevent websites from tracking your IP address, but not a guarantee. Browser extensions help!
  • Effective in preventing ISP tracking, but only if your VPN service is trustworthy and doesn't log.
  • VPN will not protect you from active government tracking/surveillance, but is effective in passive snooping.
  • Geoshifting, or using a VPN to fake your location, to get to certain websites is not an effective use. Popular websites are cracking down this.
  • There is no guarantee that a VPN service can get around ISP throttling either.

Advanced users and those requiring top notch anonymity will need a layered set-up of Virtual Mahcines running VPN and TOR. This is next level stuff, requiring deep technical know how.

VPN Services

VPN Testing Tools