Your router is the bridge that connects the modem, the box that connects you to the Internet through an ISP, to all the devices in your home. It is simply a networking device that allows multiple devices to connect to the network, it makes sharing possible.

It is the doorway into your home network, which makes it a major target for hackers. Securing your router is like securing your front door. Router's are easy to get into because they come with default user name and password. Once someone knows your router brand, they can look up the credentials on the brands websites and begin their hacking. California has passed a law that enforces unique passwords for each device.

Consumer based routers provided by your ISP or found in most retail outlets have many, many known software bugs, some even "spy" on you. Computer consultant Michael Horowitz runs one of the best, if not the best website on Router Security. We'll learn how to set-up proper security the right way.

Router Risks

  • Router Setup

    Most routers have default settings like passwords that hackers can easily guess

  • Guest Access

    Sharing your Wi-Fi password opens up entry points to your home network

  • ISP Provided Router

    The router provided by your ISP has software bugs and are targets by hackers because of this

Router Fixes