Encryption is the process of converting a file, image or any kind of digital data into unreadable code that cannot be read without a cipher or password that can decrypt. If you have files with sensitive information like financial statements, passwords, account information, health data, or stuff you just want to keep private, encryption is a good idea.

If someone physically steals your computer or device, they will not be able to see your information. There are pros and cons to encryption, considerations that you will need to spend time investigating.

Apple offers it built in as does Windows. Piece of mind is nice and rather easy to set up.


  • 3rd-party cookies from advertisers track you across websites when you visit a site that saves the cookie to your browser
  • These cookies can 'fingerprint' your identity through sophisticated means, sending data to trackers that can create an identity profile
  • Not using HTTPS on leaves your communications unprotected
  • Private browsing does not protect your information from your employer or ISP!