Reduce Your Fingerprint

Your web browser sends information about your computer platform, timezone, screen size, and many other details that advertisers use to track you. Plug these data points into a database and perform some analysis and your identity can be tracked and possibly forecasted.

Browser Extensions

Paid Options

These options offer a more robust solutions for travelers and full coverage of all your devices.

Don't Trust

Ghostery, a popular ad blocker has been selling data to advertisers. User beware! Here is a study on ad blocker software. Ad Blocker Plus was caught doing the same thing years ago.

Website owners and companies use services that can record your screen for analytics and to see how customers use their website. But that also means they could capture you entering passwords or confidential information! Check out this list of sites that have session replay scripts. There really isn't anything you can do about this unfortunately!

Double Check:

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