Gmail owned by Google reads your email to target you with ads. I repeat, they read your emails. Not cool for some of us. Outlook is owned by Microsoft and Yahoo has had so many data breaches it should be out of business.

If you still want to use gmail, they do have top security teams that make gmail very secure, then check out their Advanced Protection

Here are some secure services that put your privacy first. No email reading here.


  • Free services make you the product and collect your data
  • Gmail reads your email for advertising. They read your email!!!
  • Email is not encrypted
  • Fake emails for phishing


  • Email Alternatives that don't track you, block ads and increase speed and performance.
  • email Extensions that block ad tracking, reduce your digital fingerprint and increase online anonymity.
  • HTTPS encrypts your web surfing.
  • Private Browsing does not hide your web surfing from your employer or ISP.