Email Phishing

Your email is very easy to find . There are several ways to check if an email is a phishing scam. CheckPhish will scan the email or domain to check for a knowned phishing scam address. Phish Check is another one. You can report these maliscious scams and have them blocked .

Do This When Getting A Random Email

  • Look, Don't Click

    Verify the sender address, look for spelling mistakes, ask who would send this to me?

  • Links Could Be Malicious Code

    Clicking on links from random emails can take you to a malicious site

  • Check The Sender Address

    Hover over the email sender and see if it matches the website they say they are from. Do a google search for the email.

  • Check The Domain Name

    Misleading domain names that look like are meant to fool you. If the domain name looks suspicious, it probably is.

  • Bad Spelling

    Spelling mistakes in the email is a dead give away.

  • Vague Greetings

    Vague greetings are common phishing openers, most brands will use your name!

  • No Contact Details

    Lack of contact information at the end of the email, most legit businesses want their contact information visible

  • I'm From The Government

    Appears to be from the government. Most government agencies require official paperwork. Call the agency to verify the matter at hand.

  • Money Scams

    Asking for money is a dead give away. Heartwarming stories still fool people.