Knowledge is Power

This guide aims to clarify and provide practical steps to protect your digital life. Online security can be complicated, boring and unfamiliar territory for the average person. It's not worth the effort for most people. We've made it easy for you to start.

Privacy And Security

Privacy is concerned about how much personal information you share and with who. Protecting your data privacy is the goal of security. Being confident in the security measures you take to protect your data is equally important.

Data = Money and Power

Corporations, apps, and websites want your information. Criminals, hackers, and bad people want your information. The things they can do with our information is endless.

Snowden Revelations

The NSA and many other intelligence agencies have access to virtually anything we do electronically. In fact, most of NSA efforts piggybacks on top of corporate surveillance. Hacking the hackers is much more convenient.

Mass surviellance is here to stay. Yes, you can be hacked, tracked, and identifed if they want to devote the people, money and time.