Facebook doesn't sell your data, it sells your attention . Sociologist and Author Zeynep Tufekci tells us that this data is not sold but used to mine our attention, we are the product.

Apparently, the overwhelming opinion is that Facebook sells our data , but that is not the case, despite the data scandal with Cambridge Analytica . Instead of selling, it leases access to advertisers. Facebook does not allow an advertiser to see your specific individual data profile but amongst a group of similar profiles.

Data scientist Vicki Boykis has written an extensive article on how and what Facebook tracks on it's users.

Facebook's tracking you this way:

The amazing great folks at Mozilla have created a firefox Facebook privacy extension which helps you control the invasive tracking when you use Facebook. Check it out.

Did you know that photos contain meta-data that are posted online ? Just another step to consider if you are super-conscious about posting information online.