Social Media

Social Media services are targets for your data. It is only a matter of time before you get hacked through a social media service. A basic understanding of what data hackers can get at and use later can prepare you for the worst.


There are so many wrong things that Facebook does. Read the next page for an in-depth soul draining analysis of Facebook's data tracking.


Twitter has been in the news lately about banning and removing accounts. They do have an aggressive tracking program in place.


Instagram is owned by Facebook, so not the best caretakers of your data. Location access and tracking, information collecting, and photo ownership and sharing (unless you have a private account) are just some of the ways your data is used.

Social Media Risks

  • Free Apps Make You The Product

    Social media apps monetize your data

  • You Have Public Information

    There are 10+ searchable databases that legally store public information about you

  • Sharing More Than You Want

    Hackers use your social media accounts to learn more about you

Social Media Fixes