The Internet

The Internet is all the computers, servers, and devices connected together. Different protocols like HTTP, for websites, or SMTP, for email, are used to send data to any connected machine.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Internet's massive phonebook that converts hostnames like to numerical IP Addresses - 1234.2.23.5. DNS is like the contacts in your phone that maps names to numbers, making life easier for us humans.

How You Can Get Hacked/Infected

There are several ways you get can get hacked. A hacked computer has many uses for it's owner.

Tricked or Fooled

Email phishing scams can install malicious programs with innocent looking attachments.

Exploit Kits

Exploits kits are a buffet of hacking tools to exploit a bug or weakness in various software on your computer. A forced download may be attempted hoping you'll install it. Usually a phishing email is sent to you.

Zero Day Attacks

Zero day exploits are serious software weaknesses that no one else knows about except those using the technique. The victims have no idea about the threat and when discovered, patch the bug. It's another reason why it is important to update software to fix these bugs.

How You Can Get